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Iftar w/ Orphans…
إفطار الأيتام…

What working out while fasting does to you… 💪😂 @arabvines #arabvines #ramadan

Working out in Ramadan.. 💪💪

Thanks to all of your support and suggestions, I’ve now made a YouTube video. Check out ‘Ajnabi Academy’ in the link! Feel free to comment and share with family and friends.

In 1 day, my friends completely changed the way they talk about NEYMAR 😂😂 Mashallah they’re always right.

#brother #similarpose #oneyearapart 🎓🎓🎓
My brother just graduated. He’s been with me since day 377 and hopefully he’ll be with me till the day I RIP. <3 Keep us proud <3
Time really flies. This week felt like a day, but I’m sure time will fly again and you’ll be back in no time. Have a safe flight Duke!! #royalty #nopunintended

Other professors v Arab professors taking attendance (7odor o 3’yab)


Hoy tenemos la oportunidad de ser mejores, de brillar, de ser estrellas en el cielo de Valencia, Hoy tenemos que gritar mas que nunca: HALA MADRID.