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Dead Sea Sunset 🌅 #nofilter

Upon request (@luayd23 @hameedsober @ghassanbayyat), I’ve completed the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. I now nominate Abood @amer_arman @zaidalsurkhi95 @ali1m @expressray7 @sanadb_ @ahmadtarawneh95 @rakanradi and @that_ayyrabb. You gentleman have 24 hours. To donate to the cause, go to!

أسلوب جديد اكتشفته لايجاد حل للأسئلة الصعبة بالامتحانات.
A new method I found to solving hard questions in exams.

At the Baq3a refugee camp, I came to the conclusion that we should stop counting our blessings. Instead, we should realize that we are blessed beyond belief. I pray that God continues to shower the less fortunate with his guidance, the more fortunate with his mercy and the fortunate with his compassion. God bless us all. God bless you!
Meet Yousef. One of the young orphans I spent my day with while volunteering at an event in Ramadan. He was shy, but after rubbing my newly shaven head, he began to open up. Little by little, he’d share facts about himself. His favorite soccer player, his favorite color, why he wore a hat. He asked questions. Lots of them. After spending the day with him, it was time to go. As he was leaving he stopped and called my name, “Omar, I’m going to shave my head too, that way we can be brothers.” I yelled back, “We’re already brothers!” Thank you, Yousef. Thank you brother. I’ll be praying for you, Eid Mubarak!
Iftar w/ Orphans…
إفطار الأيتام…

What working out while fasting does to you… 💪😂 @arabvines #arabvines #ramadan

Working out in Ramadan.. 💪💪

Thanks to all of your support and suggestions, I’ve now made a YouTube video. Check out ‘Ajnabi Academy’ in the link! Feel free to comment and share with family and friends.

In 1 day, my friends completely changed the way they talk about NEYMAR 😂😂 Mashallah they’re always right.